The team of astronomers from Erlangen's University — Nuremberg, Germany, led by Peter Nemet has opened the double star moving with a speed close to the speed of withdrawal from the Milky Way. About two tens so-called superfast stars which speed allows them to leave our galaxy are known. However all of them represent single stars while PB3877 is the first double star found by astronomers moving with such enormous speed.

On April 12, 2016 to Baikonur the festive events devoted to the 55 anniversary of the first flight of the person in space have been held, writes with reference to the press service of "Kazсosmos". Within celebration to Baikonur there has taken place solemn meeting at Gagarin U.A. monument. Traditionally in day of celebration of the International day of astronautics and aircraft parade on a central square of the city has also been carried out, employees of the enterprises of the Baikonur complex and the staff of the Department of Internal Affairs Baikonur have taken part in him.

The American space agency has posted photos of the crater to Izin located on Ceres on the website transfers RIA Novosti. The crater to Izin called in honor of the Sumer goddess of grain has diameter about 116 kilometers. Pictures have been made Dawn probe on February 12, 2016 from distance of 385 kilometers from the dwarf planet. The American probe of Dawn launched by NASA at the end of September, 2007 after Vesta's studying - one of the largest asteroids, investigates Ceres - the closest to Earth the dwarf planet.

Height of ISS was increased for the purpose of formation of a working orbit of station for providing landing conditions of the transport piloted ship (TPS) "TMA-19M Soyuz" and the subsequent flight to ISS of TPS "MS Soyuz". Both events: return of crew of expedition of ISS 46/47 on the earth and flight of new crew on station are planned for June, 2016.

In the picture made the Hubble telescope it is possible to find about half a million stars. As appears from the message of NASA, the photo made in the infrared range has imprinted also black hole of Strelets-A, on weight in 4 million times surpassing the Sun.

The commission of Rosсosmos has specified the plan schedule of starts of the automatic spacecrafts (SС) and the piloted ships for the program of the International space station for the period April-June, 2016, the press service of Rosсosmos reports.
According to the program of starts of automatic SС in the second quarter 2016 it is planned to carry out 5 starts.